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Aura Cacia

Lavender Tea Tree Essential Oil

15 ml Oil / Item #012973

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From the Manufacturer:

This Australian tea tree relative, also known as rosalina, matches the purifying strength of tea tree and the soothing gentleness of lavender. It contains soothingly sweet and oral aroma constituents without the potently medicinal aroma of tea tree. Lavender tea tree's soothing properties make it ideal for air diffusion and your skin care needs.

Lemon and Lavender Tea Tree Laundry Soap Powder

All of the dyes, fragrances and additives that are constantly being added to conventional laundry detergent haven't substantially improved upon the basic natural chemistry and utility of this basic and indispensable formula. It's easy to make your own laundry soap and save money while adding a fresh lavender tea tree and lemon scent.

2 cups washing soda (sodium carbonate) 
2 cups Borax (sodium borate) 
1  bar unscented Castile soap 
3 teaspoons lavender tea tree essential oil 
1 teaspoon lemon essential oil 
1. Using a box grater, grate the Castile soap.
2. In a bowl, thoroughly mix all ingredients until a damp powder forms.
3. Use up to 1/4 cup per normal sized load of laundry.
4. Store in an airtight glass or plastic container.

Note: Look for washing soda and Borax in the laundry aisle

Recipe provided by Aura Cacia

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