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Organic Chamomile Tea 20 Bags | Buzz Worthy Products Products| Puritan's Pride chamomile tea, organic chamomile tea, buy chamomile tea, chamomile herbal tea, chamomile tea organic Buy Organic Chamomile Tea 20 Bags & other Buzz Worthy Products. Hedgerow & Kent's soothing Organic Chamomile Tea is made with organic Egyptian chamomile. // Organic Chamomile Tea

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Organic Chamomile Tea

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Treat yourself to a refreshing cup of all-natural Hedgerow & Kent Artisanal Tea. We only use the finest, freshest leaves and herbs to ensure that each cup of tea is as pure as it is delightful. Hedgerow & Kent Artisanal Teas are "steeped" in tradition. Their soothing qualities and satisfying flavor embody all the benefits that tea drinkers first discovered in Asia centuries ago.

With its rich harvest tones and delicate flavor, the comforting taste of chamomile is a traditional favorite. This soothing tea is a satisfying beverage that you can enjoy on its own, or try it with a bit of honey. Chamomile Tea is naturally caffeine free, making it the perfect tea to sip when you're unwinding from the stresses of everyday life.

Chamomile tea comes from the flowers of a daisy-like plant known by the botanical name Matricaria recutita. This variety is made with organic Egyptian chamomile.

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