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Chandrika Sandal Soap 75 Bar | Health & Beauty Products | Puritan's Pride chandrika sandal soap,Chandrika Sandal Soap 75 Bar, coconut oil, sandalwood, coconut oil for skin, buy coconut oil, sandalwood oil, sandalwood essential oil, sandalwood soap, sandalwood essential oils, soap sandalwood, sandal soap, coconut oil cleanse, chandrika soap, buy sandalwood, coconut oil for cleansing, coconut oil cleansing, sandal soaps, buy sandalwood oil, sandalwood soaps, chandrika soaps Buy Chandrika Sandal Soap 75 Bar & other Health & Beauty products. Extracts from pure Sandalwood essential oils & pure Coconut Oil cleanses & refresh the body, while moisturising your skin. // Chandrika Sandal Soap


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Chandrika Sandal Soap

75 g Bar / Item #022207

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From the Manufacturer:

Chandrika sandal soap ensures total skin care and brightens body complexion.  Coconut oil and extracts from Sandalwood cleanse and refresh the body, moisturize the skin keeping it naturally soft, supple and gently perfumed.

Free from animal fat

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