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Plant Enzymes 120 Capsules | Digestive Health Supplements| Puritan's Pride now plant enzymes, now foods plant enzymes, plant enzymes, now foods, plant enzyme supplements, plant enzyme digestive formula Buy Plant Enzymes 120 Capsules & other Digestive Health. Now Foods Plant Enzymes is a 100% vegetarian formula to aid in food digestion** // Plant Enzymes

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Plant Enzymes

120 Capsules / Item #024406

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Non Gmo Vegetarian

From the Manufacturer:

Supports healthy digestion**

With lactase, protease, papain, and bromelain

100% vegetarian formula

This supplement provides a comprehensive blend of vegetarian enzymes active in a broad pH range to aid in food digestion.**  Protease breaks down protein, Amylase breaks down starch, Lipase breaks down fat, Cellulase breaks down fiber, and Lactase breaks down lactose (milk sugar).  Papain and Bromelain are primarily protein digesting enzymes.

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