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Pineapple Rings 8 oz Bag | Dried Fruit Products| Puritan's Pride pineapple rings, Pineapple Rings 8 oz Bag, pineapple core, buy pineapple rings, sweetened pineapple, pineapple cored rings, lehi valley pineapple rings, fresh dried pineapple, dried pineapple rings, pineapple cut slices, dry pineapple pieces, dehydrated fruit, sliced pineapple Buy Pineapple Rings 8 oz Bag & other Dried Fruit. A delicious, tropical snack! These sweet pineapple rings are perfect for snacking or topping your ice cream! // Pineapple Rings

High Valley Orchard

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Pineapple Rings

8 oz Bag / Item #072649

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Non Gmo
Sweetened pineapple cut into cored rings. These are a delicious, energizing, tropical snack.

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