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Five-Sense® Yun Natural Wood Aroma Diffuser

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This top of the line, professional, ultrasonic essential oil aromatherapy diffuser purifies the air, creating a relaxing and refreshing environment. Its handcrafted natural wood base and hand-blown glass top, is truly a work of art and will be a complement to your home’s décor.

It also plays built-in soothing Chinese music; Soft LED colors add to the calming effect and help create a environment of peace. Its unique shape is inspired by an ancient Chinese musical instrument and will help you find harmony in your home and office while filling your senses.

• Diffusion method: Ultrasonic atomization

•Soft LED colors contribute to the serene atmosphere

•Includes 2 tracks of calming music and is able to connect to an external MP3 player/iPod

•Applicable Space: 40 sq. meter; Water reservoir capacity: 250 +/- 10ml

•Operating modes: Strong aroma with auto shutdown time of 1 hour or gentle aroma with an automatic shutdown times of 3 hours.

•Infrared remote control (8m); Plays Music (2 tracks included, AUX input)

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