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Animal Cuts 42 Packs | Sports & Diet Supplements| Puritan's Pride universal animal cuts, animal cuts universal, animal cuts pack, animal cuts packs, universal nutrition animal cuts, animal cuts Buy Animal Cuts 42 Packs & other Sports & Diet. Animal Cuts pack is proudly brought to you by Universal Nutrition. // Animal Cuts


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Animal Cuts

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From the Manufacturer's Label:

WHAT ANIMAL CUTS® IS: Ripped & peeled. That’s what Animal Cuts is all about. When you want to get shredded, a plain old “fat burner” won’t do. Well Animal Cuts ain’t a fat burner. It ain’t a thermogenic. It ain’t a diuretic. Or a metabolic... It’s all of these wrapped up into one. Having onion-thin skin is not about just getting rid of the fat, it’s also the water. Water is what’ll keep you looking soft and puffy, even with a low bodyfat percentage. So if you’re looking for a complete cutting stack, and not just a regular thermogenic, this is your choice... Animal Cuts.

Manufactured by Universal.

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