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Healthy N Fit

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100% Egg Protein Strawberry

2 lbs Powder / Item #083808

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Flavors Available: Vanilla - Chocolate

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From the Manufacturer's Label:

The only 100% Egg Protein with 100% Egg White Protein and 100% Egg White Peptides and Amino Acids.

Fact- Since we originated Healthy 'N Fit(R) 100% Egg Protein, no one has introduced a higher quality, more effective muscle building protein.**

Fact- The protein efficiency ration (P.E.R.) is a renowned, proven scientific method which determines the quality of protein and how it affects growth.** Healthy 'N Fit(R) 100% Egg Protein has a higher P.E.R. (3.9 or greater) than any other protein available anywhere.**

Fact- Net protein utilization (N.P.U.) is also a proven scientific method which determines what percentage of the protein we ingest can actually be used for growth. Healthy 'N Fit(R) 100% Egg Protein has a higher N.P.U. than any other protein available anywhere.**

Healthy 'N Fit(R) 100% Egg Protein.....94% Highest Milk & Egg (with 10% Egg).....83% Protein from the Sea (Fish).....81% Meat Protein.....73% Soy Protein.....66%

Fact- Egg Protein is considered the most nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid pattern most nearly matches that needed for human growth. A protein's chemical score is based on amino acid composition. The mixture of proteins found in egg has proven to be the best quality for growth and, hence, received a rating of 100 for comparison with other proteins as compared below.

Healthy 'N Fit(R) 100% Egg Protein.....100% Highest Protein from the Sea (Fish).....70% Meat Protein.....69% Milk & Egg (with 10% Egg).....66% Soy Protein.....47%

Fact- The most logical choice for building muscle...Healthy 'N Fit(R) 100% Egg Protein.**

This statement is not based on biased opinion but...fact.

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