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Herbal Extract in softgels lets you enjoy the benefits of herbal extract quicker than ever. A wide variety of Puritan's herbal supplements come in Herbal Extract softgels for overall well-being.

All our Herbal Extracts, including Herbal Extract softgels, are fully guaranteed for purity, potency and freshness.

Herbal Extract softgels give you the benefits of Herbal Extracts in rapid-release form.

Herbal Extract softgels are the best nature has to offer.

Above Statements not applicable to all products below

  • Turmeric Force

    40% OFF


    Reg. Price: $36.95


    400 mg / 60 Vegi Caps
    Item #078885
    Gluten Free Non Gmo
  • Valerian Root 1000 mg

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    6 for $29.98


    1000 mg / 90 Softgels
    Item #001328
    Rapid Release Gluten Free

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