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Mega Vita-Min™ Multivitamin Timed Release 100 Caplets | Mega/High Potent Formulas Supplements| Puritan's Pride multivitamin timed release, timed release multivitamins, timed release multivitamin, time release vitamins Buy Mega Vita-Min™ Multivitamin Timed Release 100 Caplets & other Mega/High Potent Formulas. Mega Vitamin is a Timed Release Multivitamin with 32 active ingredients including B vitamins for energy metabolism. // Mega Vita-Min™ Multivitamin Timed Release

Puritan's Pride

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Mega Vita-Min™ Multivitamin Timed Release

100 Caplets / Item #004212


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Pill Size Coated for Easy Swallowing

Time Release Gluten Free

Everyone knows that a good diet contributes to disease prevention. But with today’s fast food lifestyle, keeping track of nutrients can be downright impossible. MEGA-VITA-MIN™ takes the guesswork out of essential vitamin and mineral nutrition. With over 32 active ingredients, including B-vitamins for energy metabolism, and a comprehensive array of immune and antioxidant support vitamins such as C and E,** MEGA-VITA-MIN™ provides the best nutritional factors you need to balance out your day. Adults can take one tablet daily with a meal.

No Artificial Color or Flavor, No Sugar, No Milk, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish.

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