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Are you one of the many people that  occasionally has problems sleeping? You should know that Melatonin is important for your body's sleep cycle and supports restful sleep patterns.**

  • Melatonin is excellent for those experiencing jet lag or occasional sleeplessness.**
  • Melatonin helps maintain nighttime blood pressure levels already within a normal range, which may support  restful sleep and a relaxed mood.**
  • Melatonin helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer**

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Within the human body, melatonin is a hormone naturally secreted by the pineal gland of the brain. Its main function is to help regulate other hormones within the body and help to maintain the body's circadian rhythm, a sort of internal clock for the body.**

During the day, when a person is typically exposed to more light, the body produces little melatonin, while when it is dark the body produces higher levels of melatonin which maintains the aforementioned internal clock.** When this light/dark cycle is interrupted or changed, the body's circadian rhythm may become off-balance.

This balance may be affected by shift work, jet lag, light exposure changes, inefficient melatonin production, age and/or interrupted sleep. Supplemental Melatonin is typically synthetic but may be derived from animal sources. Melatonin is mostly used by people experiencing occasional sleeplessness, those with jet lag, or anyone seeking to improve their quality of rest.** Closely involved in the natural sleep cycle, Melatonin can help support restful, normal sleep patterns.**

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