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Beef Amino Complex 750mg

750 mg / 240 Coated Caplets / Item #051831

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Pill Size Coated for Easy Swallowing

Amino Acids help build protein.**

Muscle Nitrogen support.**

Laboratory verified disintegration.

Myology™ Beef Amino Complex is designed to give you the amino acid benefits of beef, without all of the fat and calories. Amino acids are essential for health and can be used as fuel for energy.** Beef Amino Complex caplets are tested to verify quick disintegration. For adults, take two (2) caplets with meals to boost the amino acid content of the meal. Our product can also be taken in between meals, for a steady supply of amino acids throughout the day. Daily intake can be gradually increased to four (4) to six (6) caplets per sitting. Includes 240 coated caplets.

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