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Creatine 5000 mg 300 Powder | Sports & Diet Supplements| Puritan's Pride creatine powder, musclepharm creatine powder, creatine powder 300 g, creatine protein powder, muscle pharm creatine, monohydrate creatine Buy Creatine 5000 mg 300 Powder & other Sports & Diet. Creatine 300 Gram Powder is manufactured by MusclePharm. // Creatine 5000 mg


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Creatine 5000 mg

300 grams Powder / Item #074355

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From Manufacturer's Label:

Creatine from MusclePharm is the ultimate blend of five different types of creatine. MusclePharm's Creatine increases creatine status by enhancing uptake and bioavailability while promoting stamina, strength and lean muscle growth.**  This nutrient is used by athletes who engage in high-intensity/short duration exercises like weight lifting.

Includes five pure and diverse creatine complexes:  Creatine Nitrate, Creatine AAB, Dicreatine Malate, Creatine-Magnesium Chelate and Creatine Monoydrate.  In addition, we've included the ingredient Cinnulin PF® which assists these five pure and diverse creatine complexes in delivering a range of benefits and launching directly into muscles.**

Manufactured by: MusclePharm

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