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Resveratrol supports heart health by supporting blood flow and vascular function.**

Resveratrol is the beneficial nutrient found in red wine. And now you can enjoy the benefits of Resveratrol without the alcohol or the calories.**

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that fights against free radical damage**

You’ll get more Resveratrol in some of these formulas than you will from an entire bottle of red wine!

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Most likely, you have already heard much about resveratrol both from customers and the media since it rapidly gained popularity as an important nutritional supplement.

Resveratrol (pronounced rez-VEHR-ah-trawl) is one of many phenolic compounds found in red wine and other plants which appear to have positive health benefits when red wine is consumed in moderate amounts. There are literally hundreds of different substances in wine known as polyphenols which determine the color and taste of the wine.

Polyphenols in wine fall into one of two categories either flavonoids or non-flavonoids. The flavonoids include tannins and other substances which help control the color of wine and its feel on the tongue. The non-flavonoids (including resveratrol) are found in the grape skin, seeds and stems.

Resveratrol is usually associated with grapes, but it is also found in other plants such as mulberries and peanuts. Interestingly, resveratrol is produced more abundantly by plants when they fall under some type of environmental attack. When a plant is under stress, the rate of resveratrol production is cranked up with the help of an enzyme called resveratrol synthase.

It is interesting that resveratrol is not found in the flesh of the grape only in the skin. But this explains why red wines contain higher concentrations of resveratrol than white wines or ros wines. The process of making red wine calls for the skins of the grapes to stay in contact longer with the final wine. Also, red wines are subjected to less filtering during winemaking, which limits the loss of resveratrol.

Resveratrol was originally isolated from the root of a flowering herb called hellebore in 1940. However, it didn't attract wide attention until 1992 when its presence in wine was first linked with the heart health benefits of red wine.

  • Resveratrol is the beneficial substance found in red wine. A typical glass of red wine supplies about 1 mg of resveratrol.
  • Resveratrol possesses beneficial antioxidant properties.
  • A lab study found that the combination of resveratrol and quercetin supported cellular health and function.
  • Grape extract contains flavonoid polyphenols, ellagic acid, and resveratrol.
  • Polyphenols possess beneficial antioxidant activity that helps fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body.

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