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Snackin' Peas 8 oz Bag | Savory & Salty Snacks Products | Puritan's Pride dried peas salted, Snackin' Peas 8 oz Bag, healthy snacks, dried peas, peas dried, dried pea, pea snack, split green peas, snack peas, dried green peas, whole dried peas, dried whole peas, salted peas, dried peas snack, dried whole green peas, whole dried green peas, green peas snack, dried split green peas, dried salted peas Buy Snackin' Peas 8 oz Bag & other Savory & Salty Snacks Products. Dried peas are produced by harvesting the peapods when they are fully mature & then drying them. Once they are dried & the skins removed, they split naturally. // Snackin' Peas

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Snackin' Peas

8 oz Bag / Item #037127

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Non Gmo

When fresh green peas are not available or when you want a hardy flavorful snack, dried peas are an excellent choice.

A perfect dried veggie to snack on throughout the day!

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