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Spa Room

Ascent Pod Spa Citrus Blossom

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From the Manufacturer:

The SpaRoom Citrus Blossom AscentsGel, when used in concert with the Ascents Diffuser, was specifically
formulated to help create an energizing, clean fragrant environment. A 100% natural
polymerization process makes AscentsGels the first solid essential oil with the efficacy and
performance of a liquid.
Citrus Blossom “Energize”
Medley of citrus oils perfectly blended to ease stress and positively impact your mood.
With antiseptic properties, citrus blossom cleanses the air and eliminates harsh odors.
Clean and sweet, this aroma will keep you energized throughout the day.

• Sanitary--closed system
• Convenient. Resealable sent gels can be changed at any time
• Cold diffusion provides all therapeutic benefits of the natural oils. No oil destroying heat.
• Dry diffusion, no mess, no spills, no smoke, no ozone and no mist/humidity
• Hygienic: No water tanks, bacteria growth or calcification. No cleaning needed
• No mixing or blending of oils needed
• All natural ingredients, with outstanding safety profile
• Nothing else like the Ascents Pod in the market today
• Will last for 30 days

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