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Ground Rosemary 1.4 oz Bottle | Rosemary Products | Puritan's Pride rosemary, Ground Rosemary 1.4 oz Bottle, buy spice, rosemary herb, herb rosemary, buy spices, buying spices, rosemary spice, spice rosemary, rosemary spices, spices rosemary, ground rosemary, rosemary ground, ground rosemary spice Buy Ground Rosemary 1.4 oz Bottle & other Rosemary Products. Flavor/Aroma: Strong, savory pine flavor & minty-sweet aroma. Popular Cuisine(s): Spanish, Italian, Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean. // Ground Rosemary

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Ground Rosemary

1.4 oz Bottle / Item #075267

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With its strong, savory pine flavor and minty-sweet aroma, this delicious Ground Rosemary is great to apply to meats before roasting or grilling. Delectable in potatoes, roasts, stews, vegetables, lamb or poultry dishes, sauces for fish, or tossed in fruit salads. Soak rosemary with your wood chips when smoking chicken, turkey, or pork roasts.

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