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Shelled Walnuts 8 Container | Healthy Foods & More Products| Puritan's Pride shelled walnuts, buy shelled walnuts, where to buy walnuts, bag of walnuts, where can I buy walnuts, fresh walnutsWalnut health benefits, benefits of walnuts, walnuts nutrition, walnut, walnuts, buy walnuts, fresh walnuts, walnuts for baking, shelled walnuts, walnuts recipe, raw walnuts nutrition, walnut snacks, bulk walnuts, value walnuts Buy Shelled Walnuts 8 Container & other Healthy Foods & More. Delicious and fresh walnut halves and pieces out of the shell. Exceptional taste that is perfect for baking or used as a topping! // Shelled Walnuts

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Shelled Walnuts

8 oz Container / Item #037030

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Delicious and crunchy walnuts have an exceptional taste that is perfect for baking, cooking, or as a topping on ice cream, yogurt, salad and more!

Walnuts are a snack you can feel good about eating.

Supportive but not conclusive research shows that eating 1.5 ounces per day of walnuts, as part of a low saturated fat and low cholesterol diet and not resulting in increased caloric intake, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. See nutrition information for fat content.

Note: Walnuts are not eligible for this claim due to their saturated fat content.

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