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Organic Original Wu-Yi Tea 25 Tea Bags | Tea Products | Puritan's Pride organic tea, Organic Original Wu-Yi Tea 25 Tea Bags, buy tea, organic teas, wuyi, organic tea bags, wuyi tea, tea organic, tea buy, buy organic tea, global organix, original wu yi tea, wu ti tea, all teas, original wu yi, wu-yi tea original Buy Organic Original Wu-Yi Tea 25 Tea Bags & other Tea Products. Organic Wu-Yi Tea extract high in Polyphenols and Antioxidants (EGCGs and catechins) for maximum weight loss support and health benefits. // Organic Original Wu-Yi Tea

Global Organix

Organic Original Wu-Yi Tea

25 Tea Bags / Item #029091


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From the Manufacturer's Label:

This Organic Original Wu-Yi tea is so delicious and gives you wonderful benefits. Make this amazing tea part of your daily routine in the morning, afternoon, or night.

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