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Ground Cloves 2.3 oz Bottle | Memorial Day Sale Products | Puritan's Pride surrey & loeb, Ground Cloves 2.3 oz Bottle, buy ground cloves, spices, buy spices, ground cloves, ground spice, ground clove, clove ground, ground spices, buy cloves, spice clove, spice cloves, spices cloves, clove spices, ground gloves Buy Ground Cloves 2.3 oz Bottle & other Memorial Day Sale Products. Sourced From: Indonesia. Powerful, pungent aroma & flavor that's both spicy and sweet. // Ground Cloves

Surrey & Loeb

Ground Cloves

2.3 oz Bottle / Item #075256

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Cloves have a sweet, somewhat penetrating flavor that should be used sparingly. Ground cloves are commonly used in baking. They combine well with lamb and beef dishes, sweet dishes, pickles, hams, pot roasts, beets, carrots and sweet potatoes.

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