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Milk Thistle Extract 1000 mg
Nature's Origin

Milk Thistle Extract 1000 mg

Item# 57015

An Increasingly Popular Herbal Health Choice

Though it has been around for many centuries, Milk Thistle appears to be enjoying a modern boom: Data from 2011 reveals that Milk Thistle was the #6 selling herbal dietary supplement in the United States, experiencing a 14% growth in sales over the previous year.

Why is it called ‘Milk’ Thistle, anyway?

A prickly plant related to the daisy, Milk Thistle is recognized by its eye-catching purple flowers. It is named, however, for the milky-white sap that oozes from its leaves when they are crushed.

Nature’s Origin Milk Thistle is a concentrated 4:1 extract – for holistic wellness support you can trust.** An Ancient Herb with Staying Power

Milk Thistle Extract has been used in holistic health traditions for nearly 2,000 years. Today, Milk Thistle remains a favorite herb for naturally supporting overall health and well-being.**Nature’s Origin Milk Thistle 1000 mg supplies an earth born extract of the plant’s seeds, conveying the time-tested benefits of this legendary herb.**

How Does Milk Thistle Extract Work?

Milk Thistle originated in ancient Greece and Israel, where the plant’s tender young stems were consumed as food, while its sprouts were used in folk health rituals. Milk Thistle made its way to the Far East, where its seeds, known as Shui Fei Ji, became a component of Traditional Chinese wellness practices. Supplying beneficial elemental nutrients, Milk Thistle seeds have continued to thrive as a cornerstone of modern herbalism.**

How does Nature’s Origin make Milk Thistle better than ever?

Nobody wants to take capsule after capsule of Milk Thistle. That’s why Nature’s Origin Milk Thistle undergoes advanced manufacturing techniques that concentrate the seeds into a potent 4:1 extract. This means each Nature’s Origin 250 mg rapid release softgel supplies the equivalent of 1,000 mg of Milk Thistle Seed. We are proud to make Milk Thistle convenient and easy to take, but prouder still to present this legendary herb in its true, earth born form.

Why Take Nature’s Origin Milk Thistle Extract?

Nature’s Origin supplies superior-quality, non-GMO Milk Thistle seed extract, rapid-release softgels. We start with quality, selecting earth born milk thistle seed that has been grown in a pristine natural environment and concentrated. Our 4:1 Milk Thistle supports your health and general wellness.**

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