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Amino acids, an essential component in our body function, can be used as fuel for energy. Certain kinds of aminos are beneficial to active individuals because they are considered building blocks for protein.
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Essential Amino Acid Complex

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Amino Acid Supplements

Amino Acids are available in a wide variety of supplements.  Each type of amino acid’s benefits may vary.  Overall, amino acids perform a variety of functions related to cellular metabolism, but most importantly, they form the crucial building blocks of the protein necessary for normal growth and development in the human body.* Amino acids are distinguished by their structure, their specific function in metabolic processes, and by the human body’s ability to produce them.  Puritan’s Pride has a large assortment of amino acid supplements to best support your wellness goals.*

Amino Acid Types and Benefits

Here is a highlight of our customer-favorite types of amino acids and their benefits.  Benefits may vary depending on the specific item.  

Glycine: An amino acid found primarily in muscle tissue, connective tissue, and the skin, and it also plays a role in nervous system function.*

L-Lysine: Is used by the body in the production of collagen and in the maintenance of tissues.* As a nutritional supplement, Lysine is most often used to promote the health and integrity of skin and lips, though it also plays an important role in supporting immune system function and may help the body absorb calcium.*

L-Arginine: Though available on its own as a nutritional supplement, it is commonly included as an ingredient in pre-workout supplements because of the role it plays in stimulating nitric oxide (NOS) production.* During and after workouts, NOS can help support circulation and the delivery of critical aminos and carbohydrates to active cells, especially when combined with your pre- and post-workout shakes.* Arginine also plays a role in the formation of creatine – a bioactive compound involved in the energy transfer between active cells.*

L-Glutathione: Also popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, this is the most highly concentrated amino acid in skeletal muscle. The body uses glutamine as cellular fuel, releasing it from muscle cells during exercise and allowing it to act as an energy precursor.* Additionally, Glutamine may promote the replenishment of the body’s glycogen stores after exercise when combined with carbohydrates, and it also supports the proper functioning of the GI tract by serving as a primary source of fuel for intestinal cells.*

L-Carnitine: Frequently classified as an amino acid, it is actually a conditionally essential nitrogen-containing compound found in the mitochondria of cells. About 95% of the body’s carnitine is located in skeletal and cardiac muscle. L-Carnitine supplements assist in fat metabolism by making fatty acids available for muscle tissue.*

Where to buy Amino Acid Supplements

Shop Amino Acids online at Puritan’s Pride® for high quality products at an affordable price.  Our supplements are tested or inspected as many as 15 times ensuring that our products are potent and consistent.  They are also manufactured right here in the U.S.A, with ingredients sourced from around the world.  We have a wide variety amino acids including glycine, l-lysine, l-arginine, l-glutathione and more.  Stock your pantry and buy amino acid supplements and vitamins today to support your wellness goals.* 

This is intended for general informational purposes only. Please refer to the product specific webpage for the benefits of each product.