5 Summer Essentials to Add to Your List

by The Puritan's Pride Editorial Team

Stock up on these Must-Have Trends

When you think of summer essentials, you probably think of the popular summer items – sun protection (SPF 90, anyone?), eye protection (sunglasses), and if you have little ones you probably stock up on cartoon character bandages for all those scraped knees and elbows that accompany summer fun.

Besides the obvious summer items that fly off the shelves, we’ve noticed some other trends during the warmer months. Our clever merchandisers have put together a list of items you may very well need, but often forget to buy in your rush to get out and enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer.

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Summer Skin Care

After a day of fun in the sun, you may notice your skin is lacking that youthful glow and it’s a bit dry. Just a little pampering and you can achieve that dewy, soft skin you covet.

Begin with a gentle exfoliation. Use an exfoliating soap while you shower. Remember you’re just lightly buffing off any dead skin cells, so go slowly and very gently. Post shower, after toweling off, but while you’re still a little bit damp, slather on an aloe vera moisturizing lotion to softly moisturize your skin. It’s a simple and effective after-sun regimen.

The Fresh Scents of Summer

5 Summer Essentials
Aromatherapy goes beyond the confines of your cozy home into the great outdoors. Just because you’re spending more time outside doesn’t mean you have to leave those beloved fragrances indoors. A diffuser can help bring your favorite aromatherapy scents to your outdoor events. For a more personalized experience, you can wear your favorite essence as a signature summertime scent. To wear the scent, you need to mix just a few drops of the essential oil (scent) with a carrier oil.

You’ve probably heard that Citronella oil but did you know that the bright, citrusy scent can help boost your mood? Bring a diffuser outside with Citronella oil for your next get-together and let your guests enjoy the cleansing, uplifting aroma that is so much more pleasant than those noxious “citronella-scented” candles.

Other natural plants and their oils can help enhance the atmosphere as well. The essence of Geranium has a mint-like aroma with fresh, crisp floral notes. Geranium oil is traditionally used in aromatherapy for its calming, balancing properties.

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Go Nutty for Coconut

5 Summer Essentials
No other scent conjures up visions of palm trees swaying in the breeze more than sweet, tropical coconut. Luckily, there are lots of health and beauty products infused with this delicious scent to indulge your senses. Try this preservative-free, coconut cream-flavored lip balm to nourish your lips after a day in the sun.

Has your hair been feeling the effects of the blazing sun, salty ocean or chemical-filled pool water, too? Drench your tresses in this heavenly shampoo and conditioner. Infused with organic coconut oil, they provide intense moisture and restore hair’s natural luster while filling the shower with an intoxicating aroma.

And if the scent of coconut becomes too irresistible, give in to your urge with these delicious coconut chips. Toss some in your beach bag and munch your way to paradise.

Don’t Wait to Hydrate

Whether you’re running errands, doing yard work or just relaxing by the shore, the heat of the summer sun can catch you off-guard. Staying hydrated is key, so be sure to have plenty of cold water on hand.

Spice Up Your BBQ

All this daydreaming has us hungry for something spicy. Luckily we have few tasty tidbits to share with you to help liven up your summer fare. To add little kick to just about any meal we recommend Chipotle Garnishing Squeeze. This rich and smoky sauce is marvelous as a marinade, grand as a garnish for sandwiches, and it’s superb for spicing up summer salads. Or chow down on a handful of hickory smoked almonds with your water close at hand!

And, although this isn’t something you can purchase, you need to write this on your “Summer Essentials” list – take time to relax and enjoy, because summer will be over before you know it.