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Ubiquinol  200 mg
Nature's Origin

Ubiquinol 200 mg

Item# 57032
An Antioxidant Singularity

Ubiquinol is like Co Q-10, except it is “charged” with two extra electrons, making it an antioxidant.**

Ubiquinol is special because it is a vital component of every living thing in nature.** Researchers have suggested Ubiquinol may be the first fat-soluble antioxidant in evolution, with universal importance in biology.**

As the only fat-soluble antioxidant that the body can produce, ubiquinol plays a key role in helping neutralize free radicals in fats.** Fats that have been damaged by free radicals are a serious cardiovascular health concern.

Over 40?
Take Co Q-10’s pre-converted form – Nature’s Origin Ubiquinol 200 mg – to optimize your heart & antioxidant health.**

Conquer Your Co Q-10 Challenges

Ubiquinol and Co Q-10 are two forms of a similar nutrient. Each has its own distinct biological activities. Co Q-10, however, and must be converted to Ubiquinol by the body in order to provide antioxidant benefits.** As we age, the ratio of Co Q-10 to Ubiquinol in the body may start to decline due to oxidative stress.

Nature’s Origin Ubiquinol supplies 200 mg in each powerful, rapid-release softgel.

How Does Ubiquinol Work?

Nature’s Origin Ubiquinol 200 mg is pre-converted and “ready to burn.”** As the active antioxidant form, Ubiquinol brings you all of Co Q-10’s heart benefits and more**:

  • Ubiquinol has demonstrated in a lab studies to help protect against fat peroxidation.** Oxidized fats, especially oxidized LDL cholesterol, are a cardiovascular health concern.
  • Ubiquinol promotes vascular system health, including helping to maintain blood pressure that is already within the normal range.**
  • Ubiquinol optimizes cardiac energy production, helping to encourage healthy circulation through the heart’s myocardial tissue.**
  • Ubiquinol provides antioxidant support that Co Q-10 cannot directly provide.** Ubiquinol’s unique antioxidant activity helps neutralize free radicals in the cardiovascular system.**

Taking a Statin Medication? Ubiquinol Helps Replenish Your Co Q-10**

Researchers from Columbia University found a significant 51% decrease of blood Co Q-10 levels in patients taking statins after 30 days.

  • Ubiquinol can efficiently replenish what statins take away – restoring the ideal Co Q-10 levels that are associated with energized heart performance and robust cardiovascular health.**

Note: Ubiquinol is not intended to serve as a replacement for Statin therapy, nor should you discontinue taking any prescribed medications while supplementing with Ubiquinol.

Why Take Nature’s Origin Ubiquinol?

With 200 mg of Ubiquinol, Nature’s Origin brings you high quality and effectiveness in each easy-to-swallow softgel. If you are over age 40 or you believe you may be under oxidative stress from free radical assaults, then our Ubiquinol 200 mg may be the perfect choice for you.** Ubiquinol 200 mg supplies antioxidant activity that Co Q-10 cannot directly supply.** It also raises blood levels of Co Q-10 – giving you the best of both worlds for your cardiovascular system, antioxidant health, energy production and overall wellness.**

No Artificial Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish. Sodium Free.

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