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Spa Essential Oil Blend

Spa Essential Oil Blend

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From Manufacturer:

Wish you could bottle the calming, relaxing feeling a day at the spa invokes? This blend is formulated to soothe and restore mind, body and spirit for an over all feeling of serenity.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Vaporizer
  • Diffusion
  • Bath
  • Inhalation
  • Compression

Spa Bath Bomb Recipe


1 Cup of Baking Soda

1 Cup of Citric Acid

1 Cup of Corn starch

3 Teaspoons of Apricot Kernel Oil

2 Teaspoons of Spa Essential Oil

A plastic or metal mold

Airtight container to store

Optional: Few drops of food coloring of choice


Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl. If adding food coloring, add a few drops to the dry ingredients and mix in. In a separate bowl, combine the liquids together. While stirring, slowly pour the liquids into the dry ingredients. Ifpoured too quickly, the mix will foam! Knead the ingredients together until it starts to clump together. Scoop the mixture into the mold and firmly press to pack down tight. If the mixture isn’t packing well, dump back into the bowl and add a small amount of water (not too much!) and then mix and try again. After wait a few minutes, remove from the mold and place them on wax paper until they thoroughly dry (about 24 hours). Store bath bombs in an airtight container.

Recipe provided by Plantlife Natural Body Care

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