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Garlic has been traditionally used to support heart, circulatory and cardiovascular health, as recorded in ancient Roman and Ayurvedic texts.* Shop Garlic supplements.

Garlic Supplements

Garlic supplements are a popular food supplement.  Garlic has been traditionally used for its health benefits dating back thousands of years.* 

Traditional Benefits of Garlic

Garlic’s health benefits can be accessed when garlic is crushed or chopped. The natural active ingredients in garlic include alliin and allicin. When raw garlic is crushed, an enzyme called allinase acts on an amino acid (alliin) to produce the compound allicin. These nutrients provide garlic with its beneficial properties.  Garlic has been traditionally used for heart and cardiovascular health.* Traditional use claims are based on historical or traditional practices. Garlic has been traditionally used for cardiovascular health, as recorded in ancient Roman and Ayurvedic texts.*  Garlic is believed to provide its traditional benefits in supporting heart health by helping maintain healthy blood flow.*

Where to buy Garlic Supplements?

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