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Puritan's Pride?
Since 1973, we’ve believed honesty is the best policy. 50 years of being trusted by families isn’t something we take lightly.
If you want to know what we put in each vitamin, we’ll tell you. If you want to see where your supplements are made, we’ll show you. It’s right here in the USA from high quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Everyone deserves to know what they put in their bodies, honestly.
Trust Is Our Heritage
Founded in 1973, Puritan’s Pride was established to provide customers with quality vitamins, caring service and value pricing.
We have grown and thrived for more than 50 years because one thing has never changed: Our mission to make the highest quality nutritional supplements available at the best value.
What Customer Care Means to Us
Our relationship with customers is the core of our business – from the people who work with us to the customers who engage with us every day.
Authenticity and Kindness: Puritan’s Pride has developed loyal customers over the past 50 years because of these core values. And loyalty knows no age. From our oldest customers to our youngest, every Puritan’s Pride customer receives a level of service that shows how much they are respected and appreciated. That is how loyalty is built—and how it lasts.
Committed to Quality and Care
Purity. That is the standard that we uphold in the manufacturing process.
When a customer purchases a product from Puritan’s Pride, they should be confident that each vitamin, supplement or mineral is pure—from the ingredients used to the formulations crafted. The production and bottling process maintains the integrity and purity of every product. The result is simple: What a customer sees on the label is precisely what they are getting. That is why our customers trust Puritan’s Pride.
Where Do Our Ingredients Come From?
Puritan’s Pride scours the earth to find the best raw ingredients for our products, because many of the ingredients we use in our vitamins, supplements and minerals are unique to a region.
For example, our flax is grown in the Dakotas and fish oil is from South America. Our products come from 106 countries around the world—and we know exactly where our ingredients should come from to ensure that we're getting the best quality and potency.
Learn More About the Puritan’s Pride Manufacturing Process
Our scientifically formulated vitamins, supplements, and minerals are tested or inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. We make sure our process meets the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) so that our products are potent and consistent.
Full Control
We control all stages of our product development. Being self-reliant ensures that our high standards are maintained throughout the process—from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging to distribution.
Knowledge and Experience
The FDA regulates vitamins and supplements closely. At Puritan's Pride, our standards are just as high. Our customers put those requirements on us even before regulations required them.
Eyes on the Future
Puritan’s Pride has a close working relationship with the Council for Responsible Nutrition. It’s another way we stay ahead of what our present - and future - customers demand and expect from our products.
Building for the Future
As pioneers in our industry, we’ve seen a lot. We understand that trends, preferences and customer expectations are ever changing.
We also know that our response to those demands must be swift and decisive, but should never come at the expense of our core values. At Puritan’s Pride, innovation is about taking real action and demanding real results—results that make life healthier, better and easier for our customers.
How We Bring Wellness to Customers
We aim to address every aspect of a healthy lifestyle by providing high-quality products at a great value.
We have over 1,000 products that fit into a wide range of wellness categories, including beauty, sports supplements, pet care and much more.
Puritan’s Pride customers value being happy, feeling good and getting the most out of life. That’s a full-time commitment—and we are fully committed to helping them achieve that goal in every way possible.

For us, wellness is a way of life.