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Papaya Puree

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Puritan’s Pride offers a wide assortment of liquid vitamins and supplements. As with our tablets and capsules, liquid vitamins are tested or inspected as many as 15 times, ensuring that our products are pure, potent and consistent.  We take high quality ingredients from around the world and manufacture them for you right here in the U.S.A. Puritan’s Pride has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality products at an affordable price for almost 50 years.

Liquid Supplements

For those that have trouble swallowing pills, liquid supplements are a great option. Challenges with swallowing pills is common and can make taking vitamins, supplements or even medication very difficult.  Thankfully, there are many supplements available in another form.  Liquid supplements are a popular alternative to tablets and capsules. 

Types of Liquid Vitamins and Supplements

  • Liquid Vitamin D3 5000 IU, also known as Vitamin D3 125 mcg, is a customer favorite.  It is an easy way to get your fill of the “sunshine vitamin” to help maintain healthy bones in adults and support the immune system.*
  • Liquid melatonin is available in doses as low as 1 mg and as high as 10 mg.  Melatonin helps you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer for occasional sleeplessness.*
  • Vitamin B plays a role in supporting energy metabolism in the body.* For an easy dose of vitamin B, try our liquid form of B-12 5000mcg and B Complex with B-12.
  • Liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate with Vitamin D3 provides three vital minerals that work synergistically to promote healthy bones.*

Buy Liquid Vitamins and Supplements to support your health needs.  Many vitamins and supplements are available in liquid form, find the one for you.