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Magnesium is essential for bone structure and supports crucial bone health. At least half of the magnesium in your body lives in your bones, where it helps regulate calcium transport and plays an essential role in maintaining bone mineralization.*
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Magnesium is an essential major mineral that supports overall wellness.* Major minerals are essential mineral nutrients found in the human body in amounts more than 5 grams.  Surveys suggest that the diets of most adult Americans do not provide the recommended amounts of Magnesium. This makes supplementation even more important, as Magnesium is crucial for cell formation, helps promote healthy bones and is a component in over 200 enzymes in the body.*

Benefits of Magnesium

The benefits may vary pending on dosage and particular Magnesium supplement. Please refer to the product page for the specific benefits of each supplement.

  • Crucial to cell formation*
  • Promotes Healthy Bones*
  • Involved in protein formation and nerve impulses*
  • Supports muscle health.*
  • Helps regulate calcium transport.*
  • Is essential to mineralization of bone.*
  • Supports sugar metabolism*
  • May help support menstrual health.*

Magnesium works well with other vitamins & supplements. Magnesium serves as calcium’s trusty sidekick. Magnesium supports bone health by helping to regulate calcium transport between cells, and it also plays an essential role in bone mineralization.* Magnesium also helps Vitamin D work better for immune support.* Getting enough Magnesium daily assists in converting Vitamin D to its active form, which is important for supporting immune health.*

Types of Magnesium

Magnesium has 3 main types: magnesium citrate, magnesium apartate, magnesium oxide.  Magnesium Citrate is a superior form of for absorption compared to magnesium oxide; due to its absorption in the body and bioavailability.*

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Shop Magnesium vitamins & supplements online at Puritan’s Pride®. Magnesium supplements are available for sale in potency ranging from 100 mg to 500 mg and available in different product forms such as tablets, caplets, capsules, and powder. 

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