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Men’s Multivitamins

Shop Men’s Multivitamins 

Men’s Multivitamins are formulated specifically for men’s health concerns.  Multivitamins include vitamins, herbs and minerals that are known to support heart health, colon health and other specific male health concerns.*   There are multivitamins formulated for seniors, USDA Organic certified, and daily multivitamin packs. Find the one for you.  

Top Rated Men’s Multivitamins 

The reviews are in for the customer-favorite multivitamins for men.  Ultra Vita Man is the top rated men’s multivitamin, best known for its high potency multivitamin and multi-mineral formula designed specifically for a man's nutritional needs.*  The time-release formula delivers vitamins, herbs and minerals as you need them.  

Vitamins and Supplements for Men 

When shopping for men’s multivitamins, review the supplement facts to learn what nutrients are included in the different multivitamin formulas.  Each one may vary and be targeted to different health concerns.  Nutrients to look for in a Men’s Multivitamin include Vitamin A, Co Q-10, Zinc and Lycopene.   Lycopene is a valuable men’s health nutrient that supports both heart and prostate health.* Zinc is important because it assists with reproductive health.*  Some nutrients men need more of than women, such as Vitamin A.  

Types of Men’s Multivitamins 

The best-selling men’s multivitamin is One Daily Men’s Multivitamin. This daily vitamin for men is known for its benefits to support heart health and male reproductive health.* For men over 50 years old, the Ultra Man™ 50 Plus is a top choice.  Ultra Man™ 50 Plus has over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, and other important nutrients for men’s health over 50.* Vitamin packets for men are another great option to get all the nutrients you need to support your health and wellness goals.* Puritan’s Pride Ultra Man™ Daily Multivitamin Packs feature 7 vitamins and supplements in 1 pack to take daily. If you still have not found the multivitamin to fit your needs, take our Personalized Vitamin Quiz to get personalized recommendations of the vitamins and supplements you should take.